Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I absolutely loved HANCOCK.  How so many critics could have given this film a bad review is utterly mystifying.  They're all morons, really.  It's not perfect, but what HANCOCK did, beyond providing 95 minutes of pure entertainment, was take a time-tested formula, shake it up, and blend it into something new and extremely cool.  Destroying the superhero genre, Peter Berg's refreshingly scrappy summer actioner is exactly the kind of comic-book-ish entry that this genre needed.  

I have a bunch of reviews on deck:  WALL*E (****), HANCOCK (***1/2) and THE INCREDIBLE HULK (***).

But wow...I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy the latest from Will Smith but I enjoyed it even more than I had expected.  Judging from the response in my theater, this film is going to be a monster box office hit.

Also, the newest trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT gave me shivers and getting treated to the teaser for QUANTUM OF SOLACE was really sweet; that looked sick.