Wednesday, August 6, 2008


THE PINNEAPPLE EXPRESS. Absolutely priceless. The funniest movie of the year by a mile and one of the most entertaining. Couldn't stop laughing. James Franco was a comedic tour de force.


Syms Covington said...

Rubbish. You need a new funny bone.

Actionman said...

Sorry, dude...this movie was fucking hysterical. Maybe it's because I am very sympathetic to weed humor but Franco should get an Oscar nomination for his work. I loved, loved, loved this film. David Gordon Green is the man.

Wayne said...

I liked it, but didn't love it, unfortunately. I agree with you on James Franco...great performance. The first half or so of the movie was really fun, but I didn't care for the action-y stuff much at all. DGG didn't impress me with the way he staged that stuff, but it was sort of poorly conceived anyway. Plus, criminal under-use of Gary Cole, and some subplots that went nowhere. I would have been happier with Rogan and Franco just hanging out, making caterpillars high for the whole movie. I give it a "B".