Friday, August 28, 2009


Nothing in the theaters. All of this weekend's new releases look like dung. I'll probably check out Inglorious Basterds for the second time next Tuesday afternoon. I went back for another helping of District 9 this week -- it's a stunning effort. If you haven't seen this film yet I urge you to check it out. Brilliant stuff.

From Netflix I have the critically acclaimed indie Goodbye Solo.

Look for my fall movie preview in the next few days, and I'll have a new DVD round up sometime next week.


Joel said...

Nick, completely random question, but have you ever seen a French thriller named "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" directed by Jacques Audiard? It's billed as a thriller, but I'd say that it's more like if Joe Wright directed "GoodFellas." It's a terrific little film that I watched on Thursday evening. Also watched Michael Haneke's "Cache" which I think would've made Hitchcock proud.

It's my plan to rent "Idiocracy" before "Extract" next weekend, since Mike Judge of the flawless masterpiece of comedy "Office Space" directed both. Also wanna see "Gamer," like, bad.

As for this weekend, yeah, nothin'. "Taking Woodstock" looks dull, and I'll be damned if I can discern between the trailers for "Final Destination 590" and "Halloween 1,064."

Next weekend is when the party really starts, with multiple interesting films nearly every weekend. No, not "nearly," LITERALLY every weekend, far as I can tell.

Actionman said...

Joel -- I haven't yet seen The Beat That My Heart Skipped -- I've heard great things for a while and it's in my queue. I'll bump it up.

I loved Cache -- you gotta watch it again. It's a different movie the second time around. Are you familiar with any of Haneke's other films, like Funny Games, or Benny's Video, or The Piano Teacher? He's made some disturbing movies...and his latest, The White Ribbon, which has been winning a lot of film festival awards, sounds amazing.

I love Idiocracy -- I was one of the 12 people to pay to see it on the big screen. And love for Office Space goes without saying.

I am all about Gamer this weekend, as well as Extract.

I'll probably catch Taking Woodstock on a matinee one of these days. Not having a job really opens up your afternoons.

I was mildly interested in Final Destination for the 3-D factor but after the slaughtering it received from critics, I'll pass. Halloween 2 does nothing for me, but I will mention that Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects is a diseased masterpiece that you should check out if you've never seen it. A singular vision of horror/terror.

I've been on a DVD/Video On Demand roll these last few days. Reviews will be coming up for both World's Greatest Dad (an AMAZING and DARK black comedy with Robin Williams) and for the slow moving but emotionally penetrating indie drama Goodbye Solo. Both are two of the best movies of the year.

I've also caught up with Max Payne (abysmal), Sunshine Cleaning (solid), and The Informers (stylish trash).

And yes...lots coming out over the next few months. However, the delay of Shutter Island is a major disappointment.

Joel said...

Beat and Cache are terrific. I may just watch Cache again.

I've heard absolutely awesome things about "World's Greatest Dad," which I need to see really badly. The trailer was awesome. Same with "Goodbye, Solo."

I've been meaning to see "The Devil's Rejects" for a long time. Surprised to hear a non-fan of horror call it a "diseased masterpiece," but this is a confirmation of all the other brilliant things I've heard about it.

I barely remember any of Max Payne at all. What I do remember adds up to about 30 seconds of images. It's among the worst movies ever made.

OH, and you need to visit IMDb to watch clips from the legendary "Troll 2." I'm sure that you, being you, have heard of this movie. I plan to purchase (with actual money, not Monopoly money) what is known literally as the Best Worst Movie Ever Made. There was even a documentary about it, called "Best Worst Movie," so you know it's true. This thing is a masterpiece of horrid awfulness from what I can tell, but the thing is, it's so laughably stupid that I'm almost forced to keep watching scene after scene to remind myself how stupid it is. Seriously, if you want a good laugh, this thing is funnier than nearly anything you've seen, ever. Trust me.

The story behind it is equally moronic: "Troll 2" was made in 1990, a supposed sequel to 1986's "Troll," a film it really doesn't have anything to do with. It ends up that--and I'm not kidding--the director and producers had heard that there was a movie called "Troll," and they decided that, what the hell, they'll make a sequel. Or, at least, what they thought was a sequel. Actually "Troll 2" is about goblins not trolls, and consists of the worst practical effects ever used in any professionally or unprofessionally produced film, short film, slideshow, etc. You need to see at least the clips to know what I'm talking about.

Here's the link: Don't try the "Full Movie" video. Doesn't work. But the clips work fine. Enjoy laughing your face and ass off. Both of them.

Actionman said...

wow, I'll have to check the clips and then the movie out...sounds like a hoot...thanks for the trivia, had no idea!

yeah...the devil's rejects is a wild movie. go read ebert's review of it. as always, he tells it better than pretty much anyone and everything he says is spot on. it's a revolting movie but it's extremely well done. zombie's movie was an attempt at total cinematic depravity and he succeeded big time in that respect.