Friday, June 6, 2008


I am not interested in any of this weekend's new releases.

YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN looks like a gigantic piece of shit. Seriously. It looks awful. How anyone could be excited for something that looks this stupid is beyond me.

KUNG FU PANDA looks moderately amusing. Maybe I'll catch it on DVD.

I have Sly Stallone's RAMBO and Olivier Assayas' BOARDING GATE from Netflix to watch this weekend. Looking forward to both of 'em.

Next weekend brings THE INCREDIBLE HULK and THE HAPPENING to theaters, two films I'm quite interested in. I hope THE HAPPENING is a nasty return to form for M. Night Shyamalan, who slipped big time with his last film, the horrendous LADY IN THE WATER. Despite mixed early-word on the big green guy, THE INCREDIBLE HULK is now getting great buzz, and the latest round of trailers are very promising. I'm still not sold 100% on the CGI but it looks like it could be a fun superhero movie, with lots and lots of action and explosions. Which is what the summer movie season is all about, right?


Breedlove said...

I finally saw a commercial for The Happening...the way he shoots stuff is just beautiful. The jeep running full speed into the tree and the bodies falling off the building...there was something so mesmerizing about the way it looked. I can't describe it; I don't really know how he does it. I also heard Wahlberg say a line of dialogue which made me laugh out loud. Sounded just awful. I'm praying this movie is cool. You've gotten me very nterested in The Fall, I'd like to catch that and Mongol this coming week, also have a doubleheader of The Strangers and Redbekt planned if I get around to it.

I'm also getting revved up to see 'Diving Bell' again, I started craving it the other night. And I DVRed Old Joy, have you seen this masterpiece yet? It's a must-watch.

Actionman said...

I haven't seen Old Joy's in the Netflix queue...looking forward to it.

I want to check out The Fall again; I can't get the images outta my head.

Diving Bell gets richer and richer upon repeated viewings.