Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Probably in early January, once I've seen the last few major 2009 releases, I'll be posting my favorites of the decade. Not sure how I am going to do it -- a list, mini-reviews, runner's up, order of preference or alphabetical. The one thing I will say -- there is no such thing as a "best of" list. These things should be called what they are -- "favorites" list. Because I can pretty much guarantee that more than one of my top picks for the decade will be a film that lots of people hated (and in most cases misunderstood). I am really looking forward to the upcoming deluge of critics lists, both for 2009 (which has been great if you've made the effort to get to the theaters), and for the decade.

For the rest of 2009, I count these as the stand-out releases that I need to see on the big screen: Up in the Air, Nine, The Lovely Bones, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, A Single Man, Invictus, and Crazy Heart. It's Complicated looks like the usual-usual from writer/director Nancy Meyers but I like the cast. It'll sort of be an appetizer for this year's Oscars with the involvement of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

I have grown comfortable with the disturbing fact that I will never get a chance to see either The Road or The Bad Lieutenant on the big screen. This sort of thing really chaps my ass. It's the one disadvantage to not living in Hell-A anymore.


Joel said...

So glad to see "Avatar" on here.

I would add "Fantastic Mr. Fox" on there for you, if I could. Stunning film. Deserves to be nom'd for Animated Feature Film.

Actionman said...

I really want to see it but it's now down to 2 shows a day, both late night shows. Pissed I missed it. There's a local college in the area that shows movies so it'll make it's way over there and I'll make it a point to check it out. They might get The Road or Lieutenant...I'm hoping...