Friday, December 25, 2009


I got a surprise gift this holiday weekend -- The Road is playing (only two showings per day however) in my area, so tomorrow night, my plan is to check it out. I am very excited.

Nine on Sunday.

Up in the Air on New Year's day.

Avatar next Saturday.

Sherlock Holmes and It's Complicated soon.


Joel said...

"Sherlock Holmes" this evening (about to leave for it, actually). "Nine" and "It's Complicated" sometime next week. I saw "Up in the Air" Wednesday and it's freakin' stunning. Truly brilliant. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. At this point, my second of the year (behind, still, "Precious").

Joel said...

"Sherlock Holmes" was a helluva entertainment, Nick. Loved it. Pretty standard procedural stuff, but Downey's terrific, CG is spot-on, cinematography's gritty, the action is kinetic, and the score is pretty much my favorite of the year.

Actionman said...

Def looking forward to Sherlock -- I'll see it soon. Have heard great things about Zimmer's score.

The Road is the best film I've seen in 2009.

Nine was pure style -- loved it.

Joel said...

"The best," eh? Hmmm. No idea when it comes out for me. Gonna have to wait for DVD, I guess.

And I saw "Nine" today, as well. Was completely unmoved. It was pure style, but also amazingly empty. The songs were fabulous, but I had a problem with how they were performed, with the exception of Cotillard's and (weirdly) Fergie's performances. (I felt the same about "Chicago," which won the Oscar for Best Picture. Beginning to think I'm missing something when it comes to Rob Marshall musicals.)