Friday, January 8, 2010


Not seeing anything theatrically this weekend.

Got Adam from Netflix.

Might rent Paranormal Activity...

Next week I'll be on vacation so posting will be light...I'm currently finishing up my best of 2009 piece and my best of the decade piece...both will be up soon.

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Joel said...

I'm seeing "Leap Year" and "Daybreakers" today. The former I am not anticipating in the slightest, but then awful trailers can make great movies, just as great trailers can make awful movies. So we'll see about that one. "Daybreakers" looks just fucking excellent, and I can't wait.

I might be seeing "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" at some point next week, as it just opened in these parts. Also, "Youth in Revolt," which I think looks hilarious.

And then "The Hurt Locker" gets released on DVD, which I've planned to purchase even though I've not seen it yet. A friend saw it at a special screening that was for Dallas-based AMPAS members but also open for the general public and immediately told me that I need to just own the movie. It's easily his best film of 2009. I'm excited!