Friday, January 29, 2010


I'll be getting the chance to see Werner Herzog's The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans on Saturday night, thanks to the good folks at Cinestudio/Trinity College. I am extremely excited.

Nothing from Netflix as I just sent back my recent rental this morning -- Big Fan. AWESOME movie. Writer/director Robert Siegel, who also wrote The Wrestler, is a major talent. It's an extremely dark comedy with a terrific lead performance from Patton Oswalt. Definitely check it out.

I picked up Fargo on Blu Ray for $10 at Best Buy. Gonna give that a watch this weekend at some point. Haven't seen it in quite some time.


Joel said...

I saw "Edge of Darkness" today, and while it's not perfect for me, I think you'd really, really like it, Nick. The first two-thirds is better than the finale, but it's still gritty and tense and the best of the seven 2010 releases I've seen. I gave it a B+.

Actionman said...

I definitely want to see Edge of looks like a B+ type thing.

Bad Lieutenant was hysterical.