Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm not sure when/if I'll get to the theaters this weekend, but a ton of stuff I haven't seen yet either opened or got re-released around my area. An Education, Crazy Heart, A Single Man, and Precious are all up for potential viewing.

From Netflix I've got the indie drama Down to the Bone, starring Vera Farmiga. I saw it once about five years ago but want to give it a re-watch.

I still have to do a write up on the gloriously entertaining (if a bit deranged) The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. This Cage/Herzog match-up delivered on its promise for something unique.

My latest Blu Ray shipment from Amazon just arrived yesterday; The Aviator, Domino, Jesse James, 12 Monkeys, Boogie Nights, and L.A. Confidential are a few of my new grabs.


Joel said...


I know, I know...biased. :P

"An Education" is also wonderful. Just exquisite. Made my top ten.

"Crazy Heart" and "A Single Man" also opened here, so I may go and see one of those at some point. I just don't know yet.

I'm seeing "From Paris with Love" later today, I think.

Joel said...

And "From Paris with Love" is a big flop. Not good as a Tony Scott-like actioner. Worthless as a Michael Bay-style comedy. Hopefully you know what I mean by the comparisons.

And "John Travolta's coolest role since 'Pulp Fiction,'" my balls.

Lon said...
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Lon said...

Hope you aren't eating at soup kitchens to support your DVD habbit.

Actionman said...

Joel -- I'll be seeing Precious on my day off next Monday. Ended up seeing An Education and A Single Man, both of which were great, but I enjoyed A Single Man a bit more. I didn't hear good stuff about Paris; I'll Netflix it down the road to see some stuff blow up but my expectations are low.

And yeah, Lon, we're going on food stamps this week :)

20123 said...

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