Friday, March 12, 2010


I am quite anxious to see the new Paul Greengrass thriller Green Zone. This weekend is tough for me to get out to the theaters, so I'm planning a double-feature next Saturday of Alice in Wonderland and Green Zone.

From Netflix for this weekend I've got Precious. Looking forward to finally seeing this film.

I've got a DVR full of flicks that I've been recording off the HD movie channels: Chopper, King of the Hill, The Ice Storm, Trouble the Water, The Good German, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29, and Fatal Attraction.


Joel said...

"Alice in Wonderland" was underwhelming for me, and I'm easily what you'd call a Tim Burton fan. And I'm hopefully seeing "Green Zone" tonight.

I cannot WAIT for your thoughts on "Precious," which for my money still looms over every 2009 release. I need to buy it.

And I rented "A Serious Man" the other night and watched it. Holy. Shit. It's a masterpiece. I'll probably watch it again before it's due back (on Monday). And in the same trip, I finally bought "District 9," which I watched last night and this morning. Such a staggering achievement. Sharlto Copley shoulda been nominated.

Actionman said...

Glad you loved A Serious Man. I have watched it numerous times now. It's brilliant.

Precious was a tough sit but the performances were excellent, especially from Sidibe and Paula Patton.

Sad to hear you were underwhelmed by Alice. I am really looking forward to it. Next weekend for sure, along with Green Zone.

Actionman said...

Also, I am completely obsessed with The Informant! I think it's just sublime.

Watched Soderbergh's excellent early effort King of the Hill today. Really well done. An amazing performance from Jesse Bradford when he was a little kid. Also re-watched The Ice Storm, which is a fucked up film but very well done.

Joel said...

And..."Green Zone" was ALSO underwhelming. One of the most infuriating endings in a good while. Damn you, 2010! Such an underwhelming year so far. Only "Edge of Darkness" has fulfilled its potential.

"The Informant!" is such an amazing balancing act. Matt Damon should've been nominated. He was pitch perfect.

Joel said...

Nick, just trust me here.

See "Remember Me." I know, I know. You probably know it as the movie that that guy who plays in "Twilight" did to show that he could act (even though he could already, you know, act). But it's truly something special.

For 100 minutes, it's like a dramatic version of "(500) Days of Summer": immensely romantic and well-acted. Then the end comes, and it's like a kick in the stomach, but in a good way. I'm not going to give it away (obviously), but I urge you in the strongest way possible to see the movie.

Actionman said...

Shocked to hear your comments re: Remember Me as I have read some awful, awful reviews. I don't have a lot of interest, but based on your rave, I'll check it out on Blu Ray.

Disappointed to hear that you were let down by Green Zone -- after reading Ebert's review and A.O. Scott's review, my expectations were elevated. I plan on seeing it this coming Sunday.