Friday, April 16, 2010


Kick-Ass opens today. I plan on seeing it. Not rushing out, but I will definitely see it on the big screen.

I've got Bright Star from Netflix. Have heard nothing but terrific things about it.

I can't stop watching bits and pieces of The Informant! and Public Enemies. Those are two immensely enjoyable films.

Because I've had so much going on through the begining portion of 2010, I've only seen a handful of films this year: Shutter Island (loved it, can't wait to watch it again), Green Zone (a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned), and Alice in Wonderland (OK, nothing great, but glad I saw it in Real D 3-D).

Movies I haven't seen yet in the theaters (or missed) and that I plan to catch up on are: The Ghost Writer (really want to see this), Greenberg (never opened in my area), Clash of the Titans (only a vague interest at this point), How to Train Your Dragon (I fear that if I miss this in 3-D it'll suffer in comparison, even in the Blu Ray format...), The Book of Eli, Edge of Darkness, The Wolfman, Cop Out, The Crazies, Brooklyn's Finest, Mother, Repo Men, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Chloe, and Hot Tub Time Machine.


Joel said...

"How to Train Your Dragon" won't suffer in comparison, trust me. It's a riveting experience in 2-D.

"The Book of Eli," "Cop Out," and "The Crazies" all suck big time. The former and the latter are just dumb blockbusters. The middle is horribly, awfully unfunny. I still like "The Wolfman" more than a chunk of movies this year. "Edge of Darkness" is excellent.

I've had a bunch going on as well lately. Still have to see: "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond," "The Bounty Hunter," "Chloe," "Clash of the Titans," "Date Night," "Death at a Funeral," "The Greatest," "Greenberg," "Hot Tub Time Machine," "The Joneses," "Repo Men," and "The Runaways." Lots.

Joel said...

Oh and "Kick-Ass." Obviously. Can't wait to see an 11-year-old swearing like a sailor. It will hopefully be the movie "Hancock" should have been.

Joel said...

"Clash of the Titans" wasn't awful, but it took itself too seriously to work that well. Meh.

"Kick-Ass" seriously is. Easily the best blockbuster-type movie of the year, miles over just about everything else. The action sequences are simply the best of their kind since "The Dark Knight": masterfully edited, insanely suspenseful, and EXTREMELY violent. Sometimes it reminded me of "Pulp Fiction" and at other times of "GoodFellas" even, in the way that the bursts of violence sometimes come rather randomly and are immensely shocking in the sheer amount of blood that results. The 35-minute finale will be hard to beat in terms of "best action scene of the year." Stunning stuff. You'll hear more about it in my upcoming blog entry about the best and worst films of Spring 2010.