Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Social Network is yet another triumph for David Fincher.  Let Me In is a worthy remake and an overall terrific piece of filmmaking.  Catfish is one of the most peculiar and emotionally intense movies I've seen in a while.  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was enjoyable but a far cry from Stone's first effort.  The Town was fantastic on pretty much all levels, and cements Affleck as a serious director of note.

I'll have extended comments on each of these recent releases coming up this week but just wanted to throw this out there.  Also, Get Him to the Greek was a near constant laugh-out-loud experience, and the disturbing and fucked-up Afterschool basically serves as further proof that the last few relatively "normal" generations of young kids are sadly behind us.


Joel said...

"The Social Network" is every bit the best film of the year, if you ask me. Comparable to "Citizen Kane." Not quite in quality ("Kane" is better), but in thematic relevance, yes. Should be nominated out the wazoo and (at this point in the year) win a lot of things.

"Let Me In" was admittedly pretty slight in my eyes. Doesn't even lick the original's feet and it takes out a disturbing amount of meaning from the original, as well as the visual metaphors. But as a film all its own, it's engrossing and involving and visually quite alive. I didn't love it, but I certainly didn't dislike it.

I've told you my thoughts on "The Town," but to recap: I thought it was pretty incredible. It wasn't "Heat," but considering everything, it was damn close. And Jeremy Renner was fiercely brilliant. Also loved Pete Postlethwaite's cameo; it was a powerhouse.

"Get Him to the Greek" is the year's funniest movie, a better Las Vegas comedy than "The Hangover" (which I quite liked), if you ask me. Russell Brand deserves some kind of Oscar consideration for his performance and not just because he's hilarious; he also nails the dramatic moments. And, of course, Jonah Hill was great; with that and "Cyrus," he's pretty much proven his worth.

I really, really wanna see "Afterschool." Been hearing great things about it. "Catfish" will be sometime this week.

Actionman said...

Nice comments, Joel. I need to see The Social Network again. It's info-overload (much like Zodiac). It's interesting to me that Fincher has clearly been trying to ape the style of Alan Pakula.

I think I liked Let Me In more than you did. I still love the original, and I do think the original did some things better than how the remake did them, but there were many elements to the remake that I prefer over the original. More to come in my full review.

Catfish has been lingering long and hard on the mind...a powerful and disturbing comment on where we're headed in today's info/tech driven world.

Greek was a pisser. Hill is easily one of the funniest people on the planet. His comedic timing and delivery is second to none in my estimation.

Afterschool is fucked up. Majorly influenced by Van Sant and Kubrick, and while Campos isn't anywhere near that overall level yet, he's someone to pay attention too. An icky, upsetting film.