Friday, October 8, 2010


Won't be able to make it to the theater this weekend.  Never Let Me Go opened in my area, so I'll be checking that out either next week after work or next weekend.  Secretariat looks solid if a bit vanilla.

From Netflix is the romantic drama Dear John.  A chick-flick every once in a while is a'ight.


Joel said...

"Dear John" is meh. Great opening and closing, but the middle is corny as hell.

"Secretariat" looks terrible to me, but I'll be seeing it tomorrow. And "It's Kind of a Funny Story" has also opened at my theater (surprisingly), so I'll be seeing it Monday or Tuesday.

I struggled through "Life as We Know It" today. One of the worst films of the year.

Joel said...

"Secretariat" was a nice little surprise. Diane Lane and John Malkovich were great. The movie was a bit bland, but it worked because of the gloss. I find that rather ironic, since I didn't think it worked for "The Blind Side," which this film is obviously the 2010 equivalent of.

Actionman said...

I'll never see Life As We Know It.

Secretariat will get a spin in the Blu Ray player in a few looks like a harmless little film.