Sunday, June 12, 2011


X-Men: First Class was decent. I loved the Kennedy-era/60's period setting, Michael Fassbender tore it up as the young Magneto and Kevin Bacon clearly had fun as the villain. But much of it felt like a dork festival, and some of the CGI work was way below average. Also, what's it with every single Fox tentpole looking like it was shot in some low-rent Canadian forrest?  I got a chance to see the ABSURDLY AMAZING trailer for David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo infront of X-Men. Many people in the theater seemed scared. AMAZING Karen-O cover of Immigrant Song. The theater had the sound cranked so it was really something else.


Chase Kahn said...

I was slightly disappointed in it, as well, especially after reading Jeff Wells rave about it.

Sure it was brisk and most of the cast is pretty great, but there's too much going on and all of this "it's hard out here for a mutant" stuff doesn't work for me. Hey Mystique, you can have my dead end job and I can have your powers, how 'bout it? Trade?

Not to mention, yeah, the X-Men series has always been high on coolness and dorkiness in equal measure.

Actionman said...

I completely agree. Don't really know why Wells went gaga for it. It's so busy with the same plotline from the last few movies making everything feel so repetitive. The cinematography was disappointing -- too many shots looked overly processed and blown-out.