Sunday, January 27, 2008


I love the new monster movie CLOVERFIELD. Love it. My second viewing of the film today really cemented my feelings for this insane little creature feature. I had the pleasure of watching CLOVERFIELD on the Paramount lot, in one of the sickest theaters I've ever been in. It was essentially an Arclight-style presentation, but the sound system easily surpassed anything I've ever experienced theatrically. I could tell something special was going on as the IRON MAN trailer unspooled; the gorgeous shots of Iron Man flying through the clouds, racing fighter jets, and then blasting off in supersonic speed all sounded beyond loud--yet fully descriptive. When CLOVERFIELD began, those initial bass blasts during the Paramount logo--I could feel them reverberating through my entire body. And then the film began. The set-up whizzed by, and the beast showed itself. And then detroyed lots of shit. There are moments of action in this film that make me giddy. Yep...giddy. I get a headrush with some of it. CLOVERFIELD, much like last summer's TRANSFORMERS, brings out the 10 year old in me. Just awesome, unpretentious fun. Let me repeat: I love this film. I love its conceit, its style, its attitude, and its balls. Running a brisk, incredibly intense 80 minutes, director Matt Reeves hooks the viewer immediately, and then takes them on a ride they'll never forget. My full review will be posted very soon.

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