Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am not happy to report that George (HAPPY FEET/THE ROAD WARRIOR) Miller's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA movie is not immediately moving forward. Warner's pulled the plug today. Per Variety:

"'Justice League' is no longer moving faster than a speeding bullet. Warner Bros. has let the options lapse on the young cast that director George Miller chose to play DC superhero staples. The move made it clear that the project is no longer eyeing a spring start. It most likely won't get underway until late summer or fall at the earliest. Cast members were informed late Tuesday that their options would not be exercised, but they were also told that the studio is determined to make the film, with them in it. Unfortunately, there were insurmountable problems that made a delay the best option. The studio's reasons included not getting the official response it needed on tax breaks from shooting in Australia. And while WB execs like the script they got from Kieran and Michele Mulroney, it would benefit from a little more work, something that isn't possible because of the writer's strike. Some were surprised that the studio didn't exercise cast options anyway. The deals gave WB the flexibility to exercise the deals immediately, or in July, and the actors will be making salaries in the low six-figure range. While Adam Brody, cast as The Flash, has a track record, most of the cast is comprised of newcomers like Armie Hammer Jr., who plays Batman, and Megan Gale, who will play Wonder Woman.
The studio now risks losing them to other film jobs. But it is likely most if not all of the cast will make sure to be available starting late summer and fall, just in case. That's because of the starmaking potential of 'Justice League.' Studio had set this week as the deadline to greenlight the superhero tentpole, which it was racing to get into production for 2009 release. That was always considered a dicey proposition, particularly when the writers went on strike, and because the film needs to be completed before the SAG deal expires in June. With 'Justice League' on indefinite hold, the studio has a superhero gap on its 2009 slate, for the status of the next 'Superman' pic is also uncertain."

So...JLA will happen at some point down the road...but not as fast as some of us would like. I have always wanted to see all of these superheroes together on the big screen. But I'd rather wait for them to have a better script than shoot something that is only OK.

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