Monday, February 11, 2008


Didn't make it to the theaters this weekend to see IN BRUGES; definitely checking it out next weekend. For sure. It had a scorching per-screen average in very limited release (22 screens) and reviews have been excellent.

Caught up with ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (**1/2) and FEAST OF LOVE (**1/2) on dvd over the weekend. Both were interesting and entertainting enough, but not without their own sets of flaws. The best I can say about both would be that ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is visually arresting in a trippy, chuck-it-all sort of way and that FEAST OF LOVE is a cliched yet sweet romantic dramedy that features some stunning nudity from the very sexy Rhada Mitchell.

Roy Scheider, the star of JAWS and THE FRENCH CONNECTION (amongst other films), died at the age of 75.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has halted production of any new episodes for the rest of its second season; the fate of the series is up in the air at present time. My gut is telling me that it will be cancelled; last week's episode, which happened to feature exec producer Peter Berg as a guest star, was a riot and I could totally see it being the final episode to air. So many plot threads left dangling; oh so very annoying for us hard-core fans that love the show.

The first teaser trailer for Steven Speilberg's INDIANA JONES: THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL will hit movie screens this weekend infront of Paramount's upcoming fantasy film THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES; one would assume that the trailer will find its way to the internet over the upcoming weekend.

Michael Bay's gargantuan thrill-ride TRANSFORMERS won 4 VES awards, including best visual effects in a motion picture and best visual effects sequence of the year. If TRANSFORMERS doesn't grab Oscar gold for visual effects than I'll be shocked. Production on the sequel is gearing up and the studio has set a release date for the as yet untitled sequel: June 26, 2009.

I have been watching THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD almost every night this past week; I can't get enough of it. It hurts me how beautiful the film is. It's one of my absolute favorite films of all time.

My only full review that's pending is THERE WILL BE BLOOD; I needed to wait so that I could see it again before writing a full review. Now that I've seen it a few times, expect my full critique sometime this week.

ATONEMENT won best picture at the BAFTA's (British Academy Awards). The Coen Brothers won best director for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Daniel Day Lewis won best actor for THERE WILL BE BLOOD; Javier Bardem grabbed supporting actor for NO COUNTRY. Marion Cotillard won best actress for LA VIE EN ROSE; supporting actress went to Tilda Swinton for MICHAEL CLAYTON. Original screenplay honors went to Diablo Cody (JUNO) and adapted screenplay went to Ronald Harwood (THE DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY). Roger Deakins won best cinematography for NO COUNTRY (he should have won for JESSE JAMES). Chris Rousse won best film editing for THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM (great choice!) and animated film honors went to RATATOUILLE.

And last but most certainly not least, it's being reported that Woody Allen's newest film (VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA, hitting theaters late '08) will feature an erotic, lesbian encounter between Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz. If this is in fact for real, well...I just....don't know what else to say...


John said...

If you liked females you would probably go see it, but well, you know...

Actionman said...

I love women so I hotly anticipate this film. Do you?