Friday, December 5, 2008


So says AICN & Joblo. Check it out here:

I have posted a few times about my love for Peter Berg's scrappy superhero movie HANCOCK. While people seem to either love it or hate it, the box office take (over $600 million worldwide) easily suggests that enough people enjoyed it for the people at Sony to feel it's a smart business decision to roll ahead with the obviously pricey sequel.
A sequel to HANCOCK should make for an interesting film. I am very interested in learning more about the world that Hancock came from, and all that he went through throughout the years. And with the ending of the first film being what it is, it will be cool to see Hancock in the big apple after destroying much of Hell-A.
Bring Berg back, make sure Michael Mann produces it, and obviously, Smith needs to return as the titular character. It'll be a few years down the road before it hits theaters but this is one sequel I am very excited for.

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Joel said...

Definitely, if they work out the kinks. Maybe do a "Spider-Man 2" type of thing.