Friday, December 12, 2008


Tomorrow I will be treating myself to a double feature. First up: SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. I can't wait. Been hearing nothing but fantastic stuff about it. It's been winning many awards in the early-going part of the awards season and it currently sits at 92% overall at Rottetomatoes, with a 94% cream of the crop rating.

After a little break, I will then catch Gus Van Sant's latest film, MILK, with Sean Penn. This film has also been picking up multiple awards, for the film itself, and for Penn's performance. It currently sits at 93% overall at Rottentomatoes, with a 91% cream of the crop rating.

On the Netflix front is HELLBOY 2 and the independent French romance-musical-comedy LOVE SONGS.

Reactions to everything will follow.


Joel said...

Hellboy 2 is GREAT. If you loved the first one, you'll (hopefully) love this more. At least, I did.

Joel said...

Oh, and I'll be seeing Milk on Monday and Slumdog next Saturday. I'm hoping for two masterpieces.

Actionman said...

My father saw Slumdog two nights ago and LOVED it.

I enjoyed the first Hellboy. Went into it with no previous comic-book love for the character, treated it simply as a movie, and I enjoyed it. I loved the blending of WW2 and sci-fi action. The sequel looks twice as large so I am hoping for a fun flick.