Friday, August 13, 2010


The Expendables looks big and dopey and a total blast of manly, action-movie idiocy. I'll be seeing Sly Stallone's homage to the output of the Cannon Films label early next week on a matinee.

Also of interest is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World -- maybe I'll catch that this Sunday afternoon.

From Netflix is the Colin Farrell thriller Triage, from the director of No Man's Land (a terrific film which won Best Foreign Language Film a few years ago). I still have a man-crush on Colin.

There's a bunch of titles which have just hit On Demand that I want to check out soon: Repo Men, Date Night, The Runaways and a few others.

I have a big Blu Ray round-up piece I'm working on and a Summer Movie Report Card which will be posted in the coming days.


Joel said...

I went to the midnight showing of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" last night. Insanely awesome, phantasmagoric epic of entertainment. If you don't have absolute, pure fun with this movie, I can't help you. I thought it didn't miss a beat. Some of the best action sequences this year.

I see "The Expendables" later today and can't wait. Why? Does there need to be a reason?

Tomorrow or Sunday, I see "Eat Pray Love." Hey, what can I say, the trailer had me sold. I think it looks terrific.

Can't wait for your two round-ups. This year's been weak for me overall, but the last two months have revealed some nice gems. So...this summer actually hasn't been that bad.

Joel said...

"The Expendables." No. Disappointing. I'm not calling for greatness; I'm calling for dumb fun. But Sly Stallone was self-seriously attempting to create something that approaches "art," and at that, he fails. It's a dream cast, yes, but that can only carry a movie so far, and it sadly wasn't very far.

Actionman said...

I had fun with Pilgrim, despite its weaknesses. It definitely needs to be seen more than once as it's so visually dense and layered. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it -- I'm somewhere in between.

I'll be seeing The Expendables later this week. I am expecting nothing more than an homage to Cannon Films/Golan-Globus.