Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Of course, and above all else, I am most thankful to have such an amazing, beautiful, and loving wife who somehow is able to live with me and all of my craziness; an incredible set of parents who never stop loving me despite all of my idiocy; and the best sister any brother could ask for, especially in light of how much I affectionately annoy her.  Life throws everyone curve balls every single day, and without my immediate support system, nothing would be possible.  And I'm extremely thankful for the joy and love that our cat, Gus (named rather appropriately after Richard Pryor's character in Superman III), has brought into our lives...he's the best.

And I've done the last few's what I'm most thankful for when it comes to my passion -- movies:

I'm thankful that guys like Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Martin Scoresese, David Fincher, Werner Herzog, Ridley Scott, Peter Berg, Nicolas Winding-Refn and Michael Bay are all actively working on a variety of new projects, all of which sound amazing.

I'm incredibly thankful that 2011 could potentially see the release of two, count 'em two/2!, Terrence Malick films.  The Tree of Life has been set by Fox Searchlight for a late May release (following a Cannes Film Festival premiere) and his currently shooting but still untitled romantic drama might get a late in the year release, but don't count on it...that one's more than likely to get released in 2012...

I'm thankful that a guy like Gasper Noe (Enter the Void, Irreversible) continually pushes the limits of the language of cinema and shoots for the moon with each and every picture; Enter the Void is a cosmic experience in many ways, the ultimate trip movie (sorry 2001, I love you, but there's a new sheriff in town), and a film that I haven't been able to go a day without thinking about since I've seen it.  The blu ray is set for release on 1/21/11 -- it's been pre-ordered @ Amazon.

I'm thankful that filmmaker Olivier Assayas decided to go the full 5.5 hour route with his brilliant terrorism epic Carlos.

I'm thankful that Matt Reeves didn't fuck up Let Me In, his fantastic but potentially hazardous remake of Let the Right One In.

I'm thankful that Zack Snyder got the job for the new Superman reboot -- he's gonna really make you believe that a man is able to fly...

I'm extremely thankful that I still get to read written movie reviews by Roger Ebert each and every week.  God bless him.

I'm thankful for the comedy stylings of Jonah Hill, who, aside from Danny McBride, is quite possibly the funniest person on the planet right now.

I'm thankful that Sony got their act together and finally got Moneyball made...they've even set a September 2011 release date.

I'm thankful that wild and crazy director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Snow Angels, Eastbound and Down, George Washington -- eclectic as shit, no?!) is about to unleash something like Your Highness on unsuspecting audiences in April 2011.

I'm thankful that Jody Hill (Observe and Report, The Foot Fist Way) is getting a chance to make more edgy comedies within the studio system.

I'm thankful that my childhood heroes are all getting a shot at big-screen glory -- 2011 will see the release of Green Lantern, Captain America, and Thor, with 2012 bringing us The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

And lastly, I'm massively thankful for the fact that I now live within a 5 minute drive from a huge, all-stadium-seating, IMAX-equipped multiplex.

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Joel said...

I'm thankful that a relative lent me "Full Metal Jacket," "Platoon" and (don't have a heart attack on me) "The Thin Red Line," none of which I've seen and all of which I'll watch tomorrow.

And I'm thankful for more stuff, which I will get back to you on.