Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Michael Mann's long-disowned, 1980's-released, horror/WWII hybrid The Keep has never been made available on anything other than a pan-and-scan VHS.  No DVD.  No Blu Ray.  No announcements.  It's now been made available to watch instantly via Netflix streaming:


When I lived out in Hell-A, I rented a VHS of The Keep @ Eddie Brandt of North Hollywood.  I don't remember everything from it as the copy was old and faded but I recall the film being one of the oddest and goofiest movies to be made by a major filmmaker.  Yes, The Keep was an early Mann effort, but it's so funny to think that the guy who made The Keep is the same guy who made Heat or Public Enemies.  Mann famously fought with the studio over almost every creative aspect/decision on the film, and since its release (where it was critically destroyed and shunned by audiences), he refrains from discussing it publicly.

I'll give it another watch ASAP...

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