Friday, December 3, 2010


Nothing in the theaters this weekend, as, well, there's really nothing to see.  Black Swan opens but only in limited release...Aronofsky's latest can't get to CT soon enough...

From Netflix is the acclaimed foreign film Mother from the director of The Host, a film I quite enjoyed.


Joel said...

I saw "Love & Other Drugs" and "Burlesque" last Friday.

The former was a disappointment, to be honest. I felt it struggled to find a good tone and didn't know if it wanted to be a sex romp or a corporate drama. Ended up feeling like a pale shadow of "Up in the Air."

"Burlesque" was absolutely terrible. The only constant was Cher, because...well, she's Cher. She's a terrific actress and singer. Other than that, it was dull, unexciting drivel, and Christina Aguilera was given the wrong role. Honestly, Taylor Swift might have been a better fit.

Joel said...

Meanwhile, I'm confirmed to see "The Tourist" Tuesday night. Also have possible opportunities to see "Yogi Bear" on the 11th and "The Fighter" on the 14th.

Actionman said...

I liked Love and Other Drugs and how it juggled tones. I also loved the two lead performances. It wasn't a great movie but I found it to be very enjoyable, very entertaining, and most importantly, very sexy.

I'd rather have my penis stapled to a burning building than watch Burlesque :)

Can't wait for The Tourist, The Fighter, and True Grit. Tron looks fun and stylish but I'm not expecting incredible things...just something sleek and unique to look at. I wish Yogi Bear looked better than it does.