Friday, December 24, 2010


True Grit today at 11:30am.  Should make for a nice early x-mas present.

From Netflix is the acclaimed French prison film A Prophet.

Just watched Easy A a few nights ago -- cute, funny, harmless fluff.  Emma Stone was terrific and I can see why she's the object of desire for so many casting agents/directors. 


Joel said...

Seen "True Grit" twice now. Love it SO much.

Actionman said...

I liked it a lot. Can't say I thought it was brilliant. It's a solid, classical western, but due to inflated expectations with the brothers Coen, I felt it was lacking something. Still, extremely solid all around with great performances (the girl was fantastic), nice if unshowy cinematography, and some jolting scenes of western flavored violence. But when compared to something like No Country for Old Men, A Serious Man, or even Burn After Reading, I sort of consider True Grit to be a slightly lesser work.