Friday, March 4, 2011


Let the March onslaught begin!

I plan on seeing the intriguing looking The Adjustment Bureau this Sunday. 

I'll check out Rango next week after work, probably Monday or Tuesday.

Shipping today from Netflix for delivery tomorrow is the The Graduate, a film I haven't seen in ages (and nowhere near enough overall).


Joel said...

Saw "Rango" today in a double-bill with, yes, "The Adjustment Bureau."

The former was simply brilliant. One of the most narratively inventive animated movies in YEARS, and the nods to Leone, Kubrick, Spielberg, Coppola and the Coens are weaved in rather than simply acting as reference or parody (this is certainly no "Shrek" or, God forbid, "Shark Tale"). It also should be nominated for about five or six Oscars, not least for Hans Zimmer's score which sounds nothing like anything he's ever done yet equals his best work, as well as John Logan's intelligent, surprisingly theme-driven screenplay. It's not a sentimental film or an easy one to define (it doesn't really play out like the Western it appears to be, simply because no Western has such an insane, breathless, cliffhanging, "Avatar"-worthy, 15-minute action sequence at the end), which was also surprising.

Joel said...

"The Adjustment Bureau" is a knock-out in many respects. First is the screenplay and direction (by "Bourne" alum George Nolfi in an inspired, assured directing debut) and the performances by Damon and Blunt. It's as intelligent a premise as Nolan's "Inception" (though, as a film, perhaps not as sturdy or thematically interesting), and, most importantly, you CARE. You're INVESTED. These are not simply caricatures, but fully fleshed-out human beings with motives, histories, insecurities and personalities. I can't wait to see it again and again.

If March continues like this...holy shit.

Actionman said...

Wow. Expectations are now even higher on both of these. Can't wait.