Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sucker Punch is yet another visual tour de force for Zack Snyder, who has now cemented himself as a true cinematic artist/auteur. It’s not what I’d call “great” cinema, and I do think he went a bit CGI-crazy, but in the realm of pure fantasy (especially one where the main character is “escaping” their reality, like in The Fall), I feel like all of his aesthetic decisions worked. The action sequences were, for the most part, astonishing and visually glorious to behold, especially the WWI bit and the single-take-madness with the robots on the train. I know I LOVED watching it in IMAX format, and that I was BLOWN away from a sensory perspective. I just feel like Warner Brothers fucked with the final edit and that an even better film will be arriving in “director’s cut” format on Blu Ray.  I've got lots more to say on this one coming up.  If nothing else, Sucker Punch succeeds on one major movie level that I hold dear to my heart -- SHOW ME SOMETHING I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.  This is becoming increasingly difficult for filmmakers to accomplish.  Snyder has now done it more than once.  I for one cannot wait to see his take on Superman.

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