Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2013 #10: MAN OF STEEL

Man of Steel is supreme, genre-busting entertainment, a blockbuster with a brain and a heart as well as outstanding special effects, that’s both epic in scope yet intimate in the fine details.  Featuring mind-boggling action scenes that have seemingly been ripped from a youngster’s vividly playful and destructive imagination, Man of Steel also pauses for the contemplative and serene (at times it’s as if Malick is ghost-directing), and benefits immensely from an exceptional cast of veteran actors, while Henry Cavill carves out a modern, powerful, and extremely appealing take on the duality of Clark Kent/Superman.  Visually dynamic in ways that few superhero movies have ever been, rich in tradition yet never slavishly faithful to what’s come before, and exciting to ponder in the larger scope of the D.C. comic book movie universe, Snyder, Nolan, and Goyer have considerably upped the ante when it comes to this sort of filmmaking.  The bottom line is this – they all made the Superman movie I’ve been waiting my entire life to see on the big screen. 

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