Monday, January 27, 2014

2013 #7: GRAVITY

Welcome to the world of the Auteur Blockbuster. I love this world. Filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron reminds everyone why “going to the movies” should still be considered an event and something special. Cameron was probably weeping in his Cheerios. Literally taking 99.9% of viewers the closest they’ll ever get to outer space, this technically mind-boggling achievement is a high point... in big-budget studio entertainment – a thrill-ride with a brain, done in an experimental-for-the-masses structure, with an intensely focused lead performance of considerable heft and guts (Sandra Bullock, very effective). Virtuoso cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki somehow outdoes himself yet again; if there’s any cinematic justice he’ll finally win an Oscar for his work on this film, which is nothing short of insane. One of the first movies to truly warrant the 3-D upcharge and to use the format in expressive, enveloping ways, it’s the simple beauty of the story and the quality of the performances will make any 2-D viewing just as gripping. This is a thrill-ride of the first order, one that first and foremost wants to take you on an adventure, but also isn’t afraid to ask some questions about humanity along the way.

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