Wednesday, April 2, 2008


NBC officially confirmed a third season for the brilliant television program FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

New episodes will begin airing winter 2009. It will still air Friday nights at 9pm. But here's the really interesting info: the show will be exclusive to DirecTV's Channel 101 starting Oct. 1. It will then will be repeated on NBC subsequent to the 2009 Super Bowl.

So, for people (like me) who don't use DirecTV, we're gonna have to be really cautious of spoilers coming out.


Wayne said...

Mixed opinions here...
Of course, overjoyed that it's actually coming back, but because I don't have DirecTV, I'm going to have to wait close to a full year before I get new episodes. (not to mention that fact that they really didn't end Season 2).

I'm probably going to have to rely on good ol' Internet for this show come October.

Actionman said...

I can't watch tv shows on my computer...just can't do it. There is something that bothers me about the whole process. Not watching tv shows or films for the first time on the largest screen possible is an issue I have.

I basically have a 3 minute cap on watching stuff on the internet. After that point, I don't know, it bothers me for some reason. And I stare at a computer all day so not sure what it is exactly.

And also, totally unrelated, do you watch South Park? Last night's new episode was beyond hysterical; I hope to post something later today on it.

Wayne said...

I's not ideal to watch FNL any other way than on a TV, but knowing there are episodes available that I've not seen is going to drive me nuts, I'm sure.

I religiously watch South Park, but haven't gotten around to the one last night yet. They've been on their game, as usual, this season.

Actionman said...

And yes, very sad about season two not getting the proper closure it deserved. Again, see last night's episode of South Park. They roasted the WGA.

I will wait for them to show up on NBC in Dec/Jan; or maybe when I move I will get DirecTV...