Friday, April 4, 2008


One of my absolute favorite filmmakers, Werner Herzog (GRIZZLY MAN, FITZCARRALDO)has a new and amazing project getting set up. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

"Werner Herzog will write and direct 'The Piano Tuner,' a lush Victorian-era drama about a Brit's journey to war-torn Burma, for Focus Features. Mandalay Independent Pictures' Cathy Schulman is a producer on the project. Based on Daniel Mason's 2002 debut novel, the story centers on Edgar Drake, a man sent to a remote village in the late 1800s to repair an eccentric military man's piano. Drake falls in love with a Burmese woman and her country, but as the officer wins over locals through music and medicine, things grow treacherous when his troops begin to suspect him of treason. 'Tuner' is right up the intense helmer's alley. Herzog has directed several films about men venturing into exotic locales ('Rescue Dawn,' 'Grizzly Man,' 'Fitzcarraldo'), but this will be his biggest English-language costume drama in more than four decades as a filmmaker. The original screen adaptation by Peter Buchman ('Guerilla,' 'The Argentine') is being rewritten by Herzog. Focus Features executives John Lyons and Kahli Small will oversee the project for the studio."

Sounds pretty f'ing INCREDIBLE to me.


DA said...

This was a great book. I believe I suggested to you a few years ago that you might pick it up for a good read. Atleast now you will get to see it come alive.

Actionman said...

Send me the book, I'd love to read it. Don't remember you ever suggesting it?

I take it you loved it?