Friday, April 4, 2008


BLINDNESS is the new film from CITY OF GOD/CONSTANT GARDENER director Fernando Meirelles. Starring Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, and Danny Glover, the film is being released this fall. Based on Nobel prize winner author Jose Saramago's book, BLINDNESS concerns a society facing a massive epidemic of blindness. One day, people just stop being able to see. No explanation, no reasoning, it just happens.

Here's a link to the teaser trailer, which is being hosted by MSN:

I think both CITY OF GOD and THE CONSTANT GARDENER were 4 star films; I am very excited to see the lastest from Meirelles.


Wayne said...

City of God is an all-time fave. This guy is beyond talented.

DA said...

I just finished this book. It is going to be quite interesting to see how they approach the story, which does seem more like an allegory than a traditional narrative.

I also think that, based on how the book ends, that a lot of people will leave the theater scratching their heads. I think you will have another Stop Loss reaction - especially if the film is good. Because I will bet right now that it never does more than $15 mil at the B.O.

Actionman said...

Very interesting....and not all that surprising to hear. City of God and The Constant Gardener were hardly what I would consider to be "audience movies." So, it's not surprising that Meirrelles would be making yet another challenging, ambitious movie that will fly over most people's heads.

Did you like the book? I am very, very curious about this film...