Friday, October 3, 2008


Well let the onslaught of the fall movie season begin. This week there are multiple films all debuting nationwide.

The one I most want to see is BLINDNESS, the new film from filmmaker Fernando Meirrelles, who previously directed CITY OF GOD and THE CONSTANT GARDENER, two of the best films of their respective years. The film has been greeted with mixed reviews overall, but it looks stunning based on the trailers, and the cast is excellent (Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, Danny Glover, Gael Garcia Bernal). And the idea, that of contagious blindness that sweeps the globe, is very intriguing to me. It sounds like a dark, tough movie, but sort of a companion piece to CHILDREN OF MEN.

Ed Harris' APPALOOSA, which he co-wrote, directed, and stars in, goes wide this weekend, after a week in limited release. It also stars Viggo Mortensen (one of my favorites) and Renne Zellwegger. It's a gritty Western that's been greeted with solid, though not overly spectacular reviews. I will definitely catch this one, if not this weekend, then sometime soon.

The heavily praised religion-basing documentary RELIGULOUS, from comedian Bill Maher and director Larry Charles (BORAT, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM) opens as well. Reviews have been extremely strong, and it looks and sounds like an hot-potato movie. Definitely want to check that out.

FLASH OF GENIUS, with Greg Kinnear, also opens this week, and has been met with solid response from the critics. I am also interested in checking out this David vs. Goliath true story about the man who invented the intermittent windshield wiper, only to have his creation stolen by the major automakers. Marc Abraham, a veteran producer, makes his directorial debut with the film.

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