Friday, October 17, 2008


This weekend is a travel weekend for me, so not sure if I will be able to get to the theater. But I am hoping to sneak something in as there's a lot out there right now.

I hope to see Oliver Stone's W. this weekend. The film has been met with a positive reception from most critics -- Ebert has given it four stars and Dargis in the NY Times has written a beautiful piece about the film. I am expecting a solid film, though from what I have read, a more sympathetic portrayal of our current moron-for-a-president than I would have expected from someone as politically charged as Stone. If I don't see it this weekend I will certainly see it next weekend. I can't wait to see Brolin as our loony commander in chief.

Jonathan Demme's critically acclaimed new film RACHEL GETTING MARRIED expands wider this weekend; I really want to check that out as soon as possible. I am not the biggest fan of Anne Hathaway but she's getting a ton of Oscar buzz for her performance in the film.

Still out and of interest is the Larry Charles/Bill Maher documentary RELIGULOUS. The Ed Harris/Viggo Mortensen western APPALOOSA is another one I want to see soon.

The stylish-looking new actioner MAX PAYNE from director John Moore has taking an expected drubbing from critics, and the PG-13 rating indicates a surprising lack of balls for this video-game derived shoot 'em up. I will wait till it hits DVD. It looks like stylish garbage that's fit for a late night viewing down the road at some point -- I'm in no rush.

On the Netflix front is the new Errol Morris documentary STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, which takes a critical look at the atrocities that have gone down at Guantanamo Bay. Morris, who is pretty much a genius, is a filmmaker that I always look forward to seeing work from.

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