Sunday, October 26, 2008


W. (***) was solid but not spectacular. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Brolin is indeed incredible as our lame-duck POTUS. This is not the Oliver Stone of old, though, which ultimately is a disappointment for me. Lacking the visceral charge of both JFK and NIXON, which are both masterpieces, W. is content to be a right-down-the-middle biopic with a few moments of satire thrown in to sly effect. It's a good movie, but not great like his previous picture, the galvanizing WORLD TRADE CENTER. I like that Stone continues to make politically and socially relevant films but it appears as if he's lost a bit of his old edge. Still, W. is an interesting experiment in up-to-the-moment filmmaking and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reason to sit in a darkened movie theater for two hours.

Full review will be up soon.

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