Friday, February 13, 2009


I'll be catching up with Courtney Hunt's Oscar nominated (best original screenplay and best actress) Frozen River on DVD.

Also, available via On Demand, I will be watching James Gray's Two Lovers, with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow. The film is getting a limited theatrical release starting today, but being a 2929 Production (the company run by Mark Cuban), the film is also being released On Demand as well.

I'd like to see The International with Clive Owen, which hits theaters today, but I think I am going to hold off until next weekend. We'll see.

I also have the dark comedy Noise, starring Tim Robbins, sitting on my DVR; hopefully will sneak that in as well.


Joel said...

I saw "The International" today and thought it was excellent. Much better than I anticipated. ***1/2 from me.

Actionman said...

Interesting, glad you liked The International, I will see it at some point soon. I want to see it for that supposedly amazing shoot-out.

Frozen River and Two Lovers were both excellent pieces of work.

Joel said...

The shoot-out is among the best I've seen. Ever. Period. Amazing.