Friday, February 27, 2009


For the third consecutive weekend, there's nothing remotely interesting hitting the multiplex. Next weekend, of course, brings the arrival of Watchmen, a film I will be seeing in IMAX format ASAP.

But for this weekend, I'll be catching up with some stuff on DVD or ON DEMAND, in particular, the critically acclaimed Mafia film Gomorrah, last year's Greg Kinnear drama Flash of Genius, and maybe something else. We'll see what happens.

It's funny. I have seen three releases from 2009 thus far. But I've only seen one of them in the theater (Coraline 3-D). The other two, Taken and Two Lovers, have been viewed at home, one via ON DEMAND (Two Lovers), and the other via a DVD screener (Taken). I know that the first few months of the movie-releasing year typically involves a lot of crap offerings, but I don't remember a year where I have seen this few new releases by this point.

I'm getting super-anxious for the summer movie season. I will be doing a full summer movie preview in the next few days.


Wayne said...

Gomorrah is on ON DEMAND??? I sure hope so, b/c it's not playing in Chicago theatres yet.

Coraline 3-D was soooooo good.

I"ve got Two Lovers saved, but haven't watched yet.

Actionman said...

Two Lovers was excellent, my full review will be going up soon. Been thinking about it throughout the week and its richness has been seeping in on me like a fine wine.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Coraline. It was a treat. A wicked treat.

And yes, Gomorrah is available ON DEMAND where I live; we have Cox Cable.

Breedlove said...

I saw GOMORRAH just a couple days ago and it's a masterpiece. You'll love it.

TWO LOVERS had a great trailer and I'd like to see it. For some reason I can't stand Gwyneth Paltrow these days though. Decent actress but she seems like such a tool.

Looking forward to that summer preview.

Actionman said...

she may be a tool in real life, but she's was AWESOME in Two Lovers. Very sexy. Very believable.

Gomorrah tomorrow I think.