Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I watched He's Just Not That Into You (C) over the course of three nights. Activities I engaged in while watching this cheap-looking rom-com farce: folded laundry, put away dishes, cleaned the living room, and read the instruction manual for my new Krupps waffle maker. It's not a terrible movie, but, it's not very good either. Directed like a sitcom by, what a shocker!, a sitcom director (Ken Kwapis, The Office), He's Just Not That Into You is the sort of movie that takes itself seriously in some scenes, and then in others, throws any sense of believability right out the window. It's filled with scene after scene of people spouting off too-clever dialogue that nobody in the real world would ever say. I can't say that there isn't a bevy of lovely women in this thing: Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Connolly, Scar-Jo (massive cans), and Ginnifer Goodwin are all easy on the eyes. But overall, the film feels like a collection of scenes in search of a strong narrative throughline, and the straight-to-the-camera confessions from a series of extras, while funny, don't feel like they truly belong. Based on a bestselling book, the movie made close to $100 million last winter, and I can see why -- it's undemanding entertainment. I like rom-coms when they try (see Definitely, Maybe, Notting Hill, Waitress, or Love Actually instead), and this one didn't try hard enough.


Actionman said...

Is that the best you can do?
C'mon...elevate your pitches


Actionman said...

Please sign in with your own screename. This is getting a bit ridiculous to see my own face with comments that I didn't write.

And yes...she's got MASSIVE FUCKIN' BREASTS.