Thursday, June 18, 2009


1. Dick Donner's The Goonies
2. Randal Kleiser's Flight of the Navigator
3. Joe Dante's Exlporers
4. Fred Dekker's The Monster Squad
5. Richard Franklin's Cloak & Dagger
6. Jim Henson's Labryinth
7. Sidney J. Furie's Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
8. Gary Goddard's Masters of the Universe
9. Jim & Ken Wheat's Ewoks: Battle for Endor
10. Harry Winer's Space Camp


uncle fred said...

How could you leave out Total Recall considering that it established a life long passion?

Actionman said...

yes -- you did show me that film when I was like 12, but these are movies that I watched 4,053 times in the basement on mom's VHS tapes...movies I can still quote now. Total Recall was mind-blowing at the time, though. I still have vivid memories of Arnold tearing off Michael Ironside's arms on that elevator thingee. Gross. Paul Verhoeven is a sick fuck.

uncle fred said... didn't sleep for two weeks after Goonies!