Friday, June 5, 2009


The Hangover. Saturday. It looks like a fuckin' pisser.

I'm curious about Land of the Lost. Love me some Danny McBride. And even though it's ultra-geeky of me, I'm interested in seeing this film for one big reason: the cinematographer. Dion Beebe (Collateral, Miami Vice, Chicago) shot the movie for director Brad Silberling (Lemony Snicket, Moonlight Mile), and I consider Beebe to be one of the premier shooters working right now. If I don't see Land of the Lost this weekend, I'll catch it one night after work next week.

From Netflix is this year's rom-com hit He's Just Not That Into You. We'll see...


Joel said...

The Hangover indeed looks fucking hilarious. I wanna see it.

I'm worried about Land of the Lost, despite the McBrideness of it all. Love Danny, movie looks cute, reviews are saying it's Howard the Duck level badness. That's pretty freakin' bad.

Saw "Drag Me to Hell" last night. Awesome movie. Awesomely awesome. See it. Lots of B-movie fun, Raimi-style.

Actionman said...

I'll see Drag Me To Hell, but probably on DVD. Time is seriously crunched these days and I gotta see the ones I really, really want to see on the big screen first.

Land of the Lost may have gotten shitty reviews, but c'mon! It's based on a SHITTY television show, so I don't think going into the theater and expecting anything great is the way to approach this flick.

It looks goofy and silly and fun and stylish and very stony.