Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Lemmy Caution said...

Makes me want to watch The Empire Strikes Back (again). Because the little furry bastards aren't in it.

Univarn said...

That smile creeps me out a bit. Could you imagine being in a dark room with that face staring back at you? As a kid I would have made a run for it with that creepy face. Granted they were funny as a kid but now I find them annoying.

Actionman said...

Lemmy -- I love you, but how can you slander the Ewoks, especially Wickett? He's rules.

Univarn -- the smile is a bit creepy but it's also cute. I have always loved the Ewoks.

I posted this picture because while I Was tooling around on Amazon I found this guy for sale for $52. Apparently they don't make these plush dolls anymore. I have one in my apartment and I thought it was funny how expensive he is now.

Warwick Davis is a master of little-person/small-creature acting.