Tuesday, September 8, 2009


...but really looking forward to seeing this on Blu Ray next month.
Also, I loved Sugar (A), which is one of the year's richest and best films. Review will be up soon.
Didn't make it to the theaters this past weekend so no word yet on Extract or Gamer but I hope to see them both soon.
Right now I've got the idiotic but somewhat funny looking Dance Flick and the well reviewed indie rom-com Good Dick at home to watch. I'll have a big DVD round up coming up.


Joel said...

"Right now I've got the idiotic but somewhat funny looking 'Dance Flick...'" Sorry but I never thought I'd read that on your blog. LOL. I never saw it, but the only parody movie I've liked since the original "Scary Movie" has been "Superhero Movie" from last year, and it was endearingly wacky. Maybe "Dance Flick" might be pretty good, but it's not on my current radar.

And you MUST see "Gamer," dude. Freakin' awesome movie. Been meaning to continue my review, but just haven't for some reason.

Lemmy Caution said...

Just watched DMTH on DVD the other night. It was fun, but fairly lightweight. Raimi pulls off a few original gags that made me chuckle, but he also leans a little too heavy on things we have seen in the Evil Dead movies.

In the end it felt a bit like Evil Dead Light. Also...if there is an example of why CGI is never quite as scary or entertaining as old school effects....it is DMTH.

Joel said...

I slightly disagree with Lemmy there. I thought it was just as close to old-school entertainment as something with visual effects could be. I thought it was one of the most outright entertaining movies this year.

That said, Lemmy, I do agree with the idea that it was "Evil Dead Light," lol. It definitely wasn't as balls-to-the-wall as those movies were. I loved it nonetheless.

Actionman said...

Joel -- I like parody movies if they are done well. And sometimes, I just want a cheesy laugh. It looks like shit but for a 1 night $2 cost, it might be worth it.

Hopefully Gamer tomorrow.

Lemmy -- really looking forward to Drag Me To Hell, but in all honestly, I just want to see a big-budget Evil Dead movie with Bruce in the lead up on the big screen. Also -- how did you get the DVD already...?