Monday, September 21, 2009


This is my 1,000 post on this blog. Congrats to me!

Things will be changing a bit around here. Luckily (and rather miraculously), I've been able to secure a full time job at an advertising agency here in Connecticut. I'm back to work as of this morning at 9am. I am very excited.Blog postings might be lighter for the next few weeks as I get up to speed at my new gig, but I'll still be posting at night and in the morning so be on the lookout for new stuff.

Last weekend I saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3-D and I found it to be entertaining kiddie nonsense -- a fun way to kill 90 minutes and look at some wacky stuff. Call me crazy, but the idea of pancakes and burgers raining from the sky is pretty neat. I'll be checking out The Informant! later this week or this coming weekend.

Also, my wife and I watched one of our favorite childhood movies, Ron Howard's Splash, last weekend. What a brilliant comedy. Line for line, scene for scene, it's one of the most consistently funny screenplays ever created. I used to watch the film every day when I was growing up and I haven't seen it in close to 15 years, so in many ways, watching it last weekend was a revelation of sorts. Sure, all of the scenes that I liked when I was a child were still funny, but it was the mature humor that I never understood as a kid that struck me this time out. It's such a hard PG movie when you think about it too. John Candy's performance has to be considered one of his best, and the sight of a young Eugene Levy still makes me chuckle. It's still one of Howard's best movies.

We also watched Peggy Sue Got Married, which I had never seen, and found to be cute and harmless and very entertaining due primarily to Nicolas Cage's hysterical and totally bananas performance. His voice in that movie! So hard to think that Coppola made Peggy Sue after The Godfather.

Next up from Netflix is the 80's classic Clue. Haven't seen it in years.


giggles said...

Well congratulations on two fronts!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all goes swimmingly in the new gig!!

Actionman said...

thanks, giggles! it's going great so far.