Friday, June 4, 2010


Lots going on with the new house over the next few weeks so I'm not quite sure what my theater-going availability will be. I will definitely see Get Him to the Greek, hopefully at some point this weekend or early next week. Looks like a pisser. Splice looks pretty sweet but that'll be saved for Blu Ray. Killers looks atrocious. I won't even consider Marmaduke.

From Netflix is the indie drama Easier with Practice.

I am stoked for The A-Team next weekend -- looks mentally retarded but in a wonderful way.


Joel said...

I struggled through "Marmaduke" today, just to see if it was as bad as its trailer. Granted, it wasn't QUITE that awful, but it was indeed terrible.

Probably headed out to see "Get Him to the Greek" tomorrow afternoon, and can't wait. Granted, I didn't see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," but I don't think I really need to. Sounds like "Greek" is pretty much a stand-alone.

"Splice" looks astounding, so I'll probably see that one on Sunday or so.

And sue me, "Killers" looks like a LOT of fun. I dunno why. But I'm a fan of Robert Luketic as a director in general, so...I'm in. Probably mid- to late-next-week.

Joel said...

Oh yeah, and you remember that movie "Troll 2" that I told you about a while back? The one that's not actually a sequel and has nothing to do with trolls and is known as the best worst movie ever made? Well, I bought it on a whim, and's hysterical.

Let me put it this way: It's a very, very, very, very, very bad movie that I liked a lot. As in, the reason I liked it was BECAUSE it was so imbecilic and stupid. It's one that any critic must put aside all critical habits to watch. I urge you to put it at the top of your Netflix queue. I think you'll find it's an absolute hoot.

Actionman said...

I laughed a lot with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Very much looking forward to Greek.

I really, really want to see Splice.

I'll add Troll 2 now to the queue...

Joel said...

"Splice" is AWESOME, Nick. Reminds of early-era Cronenberg if he directed "Alien" or something. It isn't a perfect movie, but it's VERY strong. And Delphine Cheneac plays Dren, the alien-ish character, PERFECTLY. The best performance of the year, and not a word is spoken.