Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's moving weekend. Life in the new house starts this weekend.

Next week, one night after work, I will treat myself to the insanity that is The A-Team. As I mentioned before, I think the film looks blissfully deranged. Can't wait to see things explode real good. I'm a big fan of Joe Carnahan (Narc, Smokin' Aces, BMW Film Series)

Still need to see Get Him to the Greek -- next week fo show.


Joel said...

Just got out of "The A-Team" and "blissfully deranged" is correct. For me, it's superior to any of the three big tentpoles thus far this summer in terms of enjoyment. The effects are awesome, the action is kinetic, and the performances are terrific. It's what "The Losers" should've been. Now "The Expendables" needs to come out and finish the unofficial "mercenaries exacting revenge" trilogy of Summer 2010.

Joel said...

I ventured out to "Killers" before work on Sunday, and Nick, it's the surprise of 2010.

First note: COMPLETELY ignore the trailer and the reviews, rent it cold and with no expectations, and I think you'll admire it more. The movie is pretty much a blast of pure fun from start to finish, and it has an incredible sense of urgency in its many, MANY action sequences (this thing rivals "The Bourne Ultimatum" in terms of the sheer amount of fight scenes). I thought Ashton and Katharine have never been better. AND...ready?'s smart, inventive entertainment with a brain and a heart, superior to any of the big tentpoles this year.

I know. I wasn't expecting to tell you this. And I actually wasn't expecting to see it, since the trailers had started to annoy me. But it's NOT the movie depicted in the trailer, which is a generic romcom with a few cookie-cutter fistfights and shootouts. It's infinitely cleverer than that, and goddammit, I had no idea what to expect throughout. It's also a very, very dark comedy (as in, pitch-dark sometimes) that reminds of "In Bruges" in tone.

Rant off. Rent it. Make it a double feature with "Date Night," if you must.

Actionman said...

Joel -- we saw two very different movies. I thought The A-Team was out-and-out junk. The Losers, for my money, was 10X better, at a fraction of the budget. A massive disappointment coming from Joe Carnahan and the Scott brothers. I thought the CGI was fucking atrocious and the cinematography (by the usually amazing Mauro Fiore) was muddy and undistinguished...especially when compared to the super-slick and super-saturated Bay-stylings of The Losers. The entire film was completely divorced from reality, but not in a fun way -- in a boring, absurd way. To say I was not a fan is an understatement. Sure, there were a few decent beats, some decent moments, but overall, I think it's a wet fart.