Friday, June 18, 2010


If I see something in the theaters this weekend, it'll be the Saturday night sneak preview of Knight & Day, the new Tom Cruise/James Mangold action-thriller-comedy. Looks very slick and entertaining and Cruise looks like he's having a blast. He's still one of my all-time favorite people to watch up on the big screen. That'll never change.

No burning-up-inside-desire to see Toy Story 3. It looks cute and fun and harmless but I'm in no rush.

Jonah Hex has been lambasted by pretty much everybody, so as much as I'd like to see an undead-Deadwood with Brolin and Fox and Malkovich, I'll wait for the Blu Ray.

Still need to see Get Him to the Greek. And still want to see Splice. Hope to see 'em both before they leave theaters.

The A-Team is barely worth writing about -- a total piece of shit. Major disappointment from Joe Carnahan.

From Netflix is the supposedly dark Michael Cera comedy Youth in Revolt. Finally watched Easier with Practice earlier this week -- what a disturbing little flick that was...


Joel said...

Seeing "Toy Story 3" today and couldn't be more excited, as the first two movies are contributing factors to my love for film criticism. I watched both again last night, and still find them to be masterpieces.

"Jonah Hex" looks like absolute crap, but I'll be seeing it tomorrow or Sunday nonetheless.

"Knight and Day" looks fun. If it happens to be better than "Killers," it'll be pretty much perfect. I don't see it happening though, as "Killers" was pretty much the surprise of the year. Damn that trailer to hell, I say!

Sad you didn't like "The A-Team." I thought it was a lot of stupid fun.

Actionman said...

I enjoyed the first two Toy Story's well enough but I am just not all that motivated to rush out to the theaters for part three. I'll see it at some point.

Hex is a Blu Ray all the way -- wish it wasn't so... cannot stand Ashton Kutcher and it's impossible for me to take him seriously. Heigl was sexy and funny in Knocked Up, but beyond that, I haven't been all that impressed with her. I'll rent Killers on Blu (because of your recommendation) but my expectation are bottom of the barrel (due to the trailer and the resume of the director).

Also, your favorite from 2010, Remember Me, hits Blu this coming Tuesday (I think). I'll be checking it out just for you :)

And The Losers was stupid fun -- The A-Team was just plain ole fuckin' stupid. I wanted to have fun with it but I just couldn't get behind it. Carnahan and the PG-13 rating don't go hand-in-hand.

Joel said...

"Toy Story 3" is a MASTERWORK. Probably Pixar's best. Definitely doesn't represent a cash-grab kind of thing. Probably my new favorite of the year, even if "Remember Me" is PERHAPS the best (because of the ending).

Can't WAIT for your thoughts on "Remember Me," which, yes, does come out Tuesday. As far as I remember, you already know the ending, which might be a better situation than you think. If you know it beforehand, it makes what leads up to it all the more potent. I found that out the second time I saw it. I'm patiently waiting its release (read: impatiently waiting).

Hmmm, re: "The A-Team." I'll check out Carnahan's R-rated fare for sure.

Joel said...

Oh and I certainly don't mean to build up "Remember Me" as an all-in-the-ending movie, just so you know. I think it's one of the best romantic dramas of recent years, kick-in-the-stomach ending notwithstanding. All four of the central performances deserve Oscar consideration, in my opinion.

Actionman said...

Carnahan's Narc is a tremendous piece of work.

Joel said...

"Jonah Hex" is TERRIBLE. In fact, I've mostly forgotten it, and I saw it yesterday afternoon. I kid you not, the movie is 74 minutes minus the credits, and I believe it. Barely any plot exists, the action is almost nonexistent (besides the wet fart that is the final action scene), and the performances are AWFUL.

Though John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender have a little fun as the villains, I suppose. They ham it up. They're probably the only good things about it.

Anyway...I haven't seen the "Crank" films, but as someone who was a huge fan of "Gamer" because of its surprising thoughtfulness, it comes as a surprise to me that Neveldine/Taylor wrote something as utterly empty as "Jonah Hex."

Actionman said...

Joel -- Neveldine/Taylor wrote the 1st draft of Jonah Hex when they were attached to direct. They then left the film when the studio cut their budget in half and turned it from an R to a PG-13. They have said that what remains in the final cut of the film bares little to no resemblance to their original efforts. Jimmy Hayward(!) was brought in as director, and then he was replaced during the massive re-shoots by Francis Lawrence. To say that the "making-of" featurette of Jonah Hex is probably more entertaining than the film itself is probably an understatement.

I am a big fan of Brolin, I still adore looking at The Fox, and I've always liked Malkovich (plus I'm a huge fan of Westerns), so I'll check the film out on Blu Ray with the littlest of expectations.

I never made it to the Knight and Day sneak...we're gonna go this Wed or Thurs night...

Joel said...

Ahhhh, that explains a lot then. Stupid studios...

There's DEFINITELY material there. I haven't read the original source material, but it's definitely badass. I just hated the outcome, and it's sad that Neveldine/Taylor's script had to do that.

Actually, it kind of reminds me of "Hancock." So...maybe you'll love it. Malkovich is pretty excellent if you look at it the right way.

(But for the record, Megan Fox is in there for about ten minutes. Very disappointing.)