Tuesday, June 22, 2010


For me, Green Zone is the best film I've seen so far in 2010. I haven't seen many movies this year for any number of reasons (time, interest, quality, etc.), but I thought that Green Zone delivered in a big-time way. Paul Greengrass is an artist specializing in the chaotic and frantic, and his films deliver a visceral quality that few other working filmmakers are currently achieving. I applaud his desire to keep his films topical and socially relevant while still being fully entertaining without any preaching, and I love his propulsive visual style that always keeps your adrenalin flowing. This film was met with mostly solid reviews but horrendous box office -- hopefully it finds a well-deserved second life on Blu Ray.

Here are the movies I've seen from 2010, in order of preference:
Green Zone
Shutter Island
Robin Hood
Iron Man 2
The Losers
Youth in Revolt
Alice in Wonderland
The A-Team
Here's a list of already released films (either wide or limited) that I plan to catch up with on Blu Ray: Clash of the Titans, How to Train Your Dragon, Brooklyn's Finest, Toy Story 3, Date Night, The Book of Eli, Greenberg, Repo Men, Wolfman, Edge of Darkness, The Killer Inside Me (available on demand, will be catching it soon), Hot Tub Time Machine, Get Him to the Greek, The Crazies, Remember Me (shipping today from Netflix), Killers (just for you, Joel :), Splice, The Ghost Writer, Chloe, The Runaways, Exit through the Gift Shop, A Prophet, Jonah Hex, Ondine (available on demand, will be catching it soon), Solitary Man, Micmacs, Mother, The Art of the Steal, Winter's Bone, Fish Tank, The Square.
I plan on checking out Knight & Day this Thursday on my day-off.


Joel said...

That's, uh, quite the handful of movies, Nick. Lol. I've seen a good number of them. I've been hugely disappointed with 2010 thus far, though.

Completely disagree with you on "Green Zone." And of the ones you listed that you'd seen, the most consistent was "Kick-Ass," which I've seen twice and loved.

Can't WAIT for your thoughts on "Remember Me."

Lon said...

Don't forget about The Human Centipede!