Sunday, September 26, 2010


At the present time, these are the shows that I can't miss:

Returning Shows:

Mad Men
East Bound and Down
The Office
Bored to Death
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The League
The Big C

New Shows:

Boardwalk Empire (Sundays, HBO) -- this sprawling and ambitious period piece from Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter is already establishing itself as a landark achievement.

Terriers (Wednesday, FX) -- a unique neo-noir set in San Diego concerning a team of private dicks that places humor first and action second.

The Event (Monday, NBC) -- the pilot was intriguing enough for a second viewing...we'll see...I'll either be hooked or done with it by the 3rd or 4th episode...but the person who said that it's Lost mixed with 24 wasn't lying...

My Generation (Thursday, NBC) -- I don't get all the hate that critics had for this new reality-TV inspired show -- it wasn't brilliant but it was always entertaining to watch...we'll see where it goes...

Outsourced (Thursday, NBC) -- cheap and obvious, this funny but silly new comedy is fairly racist and frequently sharp -- it's definitely something a bit strange and I'll tune in for a second helping...

Other Bits:

I am half-way thru season 2 of Sons of Anarchy -- what an incredible show -- Shakespearean in its dynamics, ruthless with its violence, and completely gripping, it's the best surprise I've ever come across on television.

Friday Night Lights can't get here soon enough (I'm not a Direct TV subscriber but I do thank them for helping fund the last few seasons).

It's a big-time bummer that next season is the last season for Entourage.  Ditto Rescue Me.

When does Southland come back for season 3?  Soon, I hope...

Despite my relative lack of interest in horror product, I'll definitely be sampling Frank Darabont's upcoming zombie show The Walking Dead, which airs in October on AMC.

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Joel said...

"The Office" killed Thursday night. Loved it. I'll be missing it this week (heading to Indiana to visit some college peeps), but this season's gonna rock, what with it being Carell's last.

I'll give "The Event" another couple chances, but it's not promising so far, if you ask me. It's "Lost" meets "24" without the humanity and character nuance of either.

I DID think "My Generation" was brilliant. Riveting stuff. The gimmick for "The Office" actually works on dramas. Who knew.

Could not STAND "Outsourced" and didn't make it through the pilot. I like humor that takes risks. Hello, "The Office" is the funniest show on TV. But for me, "Outsourced" is the lowest of the lowbrow.

Some other appointment TV for me: "UnderCovers" and "Outlaw." Effing loved the pilot episodes for both. Will be checking out episode two of the latter tomorrow morning before my flight.