Sunday, September 19, 2010


The Town was very enjoyable. Didn't reinvent the wheel but there was a lot to like about the film, from the performances, to the action sequences, to the writing. I'll have a full review soon.

Boardwalk Empire, in only the pilot, has established itself as one of the most ridiculous pieces of television. When I say ridiculous I mean that in a good way; it's ridiculous how many things were OUTFUCKINGSTANDING about the show. Lots more comments to come on this breathtaking new show.

Solitary Man was a solid, small, intimate drama with a great performance from Michael Douglas.

Gentlemen Broncos was one of the oddest movies I've ever seen. I laughed frequently, but holy shit was it deranged. Wanna see a shitting snake?

I just began watching the brutal FX drama Sons of Anarchy (I'm way late to the party...). I watched the eps 1-5 from Season 1 and so far so great.

Mad Men has been on fire this year.

There are definitely some promising new shows premiering over the next few weeks. I'll have a quick TV round-up of some sort in the near future.

It's so annoying that Friday Night Lights will begin airing on Direct TV in a few weeks while the rest of us have to wait until next summer.

It's very nice to the have the blissfully crazy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia back on the tube. Same with The League -- I'm predicting a great 2nd season.

There are so many potentially amazing new films coming out in the next few months: Never Let Me Go, The Social Network, Wall Street 2, The Fighter, Black Swan, Biutiful, Let Me In, Carlos, Mesrine, Hereafter, The Company Men, Monsters, Due Date, Unstoppable, 127 Hours, Fair Game, Skyline, Morning Glory, The Next Three Days, Love and Other Drugs, Tron, The Tourist, True Grit -- it's gonna be an awesome fall/winter movie season.

I want to see a trailer for Lucky, the new HBO/Michael Mann/David Milch/Nick Nolte/Dustin Hoffman/horse-racing show. NOW.

I just picked up some new Blu Rays: Seven, Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, Face/Off, and the Red Riding Trilogy (taking a chance as I haven't seen any of 'em yet...)

I really want to see this Ed Norton/marijuana comedy Leaves of Grass.

Next Tuesday sees the release of Terrence Malick's masterpiece The Thin Red Line on Criterion Blu Ray. Wowzers.

I keep having this recurring nightmare that Malick is never going to finish/release The Tree of Life.


Joel said...

Great upcoming season for cinema.

No show will be more disappointing than "The Event," or at least the pilot of it. They're trying to out-"Lost" the other arc shows from previous years and it came off as smug.

Likewise, no show this season will be more surprisingly awesome than the pilot for NBC's "Outlaw," which I absolutely loved and want more of now. It's one I'm sticking with.

Tomorrow, I'll be catching up with tonight's episodes of "Detroit 1-8-7" and "Parenthood," but tonight is all about "Glee" for me. Tomorrow night brings JJ Abrams's "UnderCovers," as well as "Law & Order: Los Angeles."

I'll give you an update on my TV-watching escapades when you do. :)

Really wanna watch the pilot for "Boardwalk Empire."

Actionman said...

I was suficiently intrigued by The Event. It's definitely "24 meets Lost" but that's fine by me...I loved both of those shows. The Event might fill those gaps. A show like The Event needs to breathe and hit its stride...I just hope it's more Lost/24 than Flash Forward.

On the DVR I have Lone Star (which is gonna get cancelled any day now it seems), Hawaii 5-O, The Chase, and Detroit 1-8-7. Tonight I will record Undercovers and tomorrow night I'll be taste-testing Outsourced. Can't wait for The Office!

Actionman said...

Watch Boardwalk Empire ASAP. Fucking brilliance. Have watched the pilot twice now.