Saturday, February 26, 2011


As expected, Toy Story 3 had me crying like a baby.  What is it with Pixar?  They HAVE to make you cry even when you just want to look at cute, colorful toys running amok.  While not on the same level as Wall*E or Up or Ratatouille, this third entry in the ridiculously successful series of films takes a poignant turn (the lead kid is off to college; which toys will he bring with?) towards the last third of the narrative, while most of the rest of he movie deals in action-oriented-fashion with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and company trying to escape from an otherwise peaceful looking day care center, which is ruled via dictatorship by a neglected stuffed bear who has a serious axe to grind.  The action is madcap, the emotions ring true, and the script piles on witty dialogue exchanges and double entendres (the stuff with Ken and Barbie is priceless).'s a nice little animated movie with a big's a crime that it's taking up one of the top 10 slots at the Oscars this year.  Hands down it should win in the BEST ANIMATED category.  But with so many masterpiece-level films NOT getting nominated in the live action category, and to have this movie nominted twice, it just feels like a shame.  That being said, it's yet another homerun for the creative team at Pixar.   


Lon said...

I think you are in the minority there.

Actionman said...

Where? Thinking it should be only be included in the best animated category? There are plenty of people who feel that way. It's an utter waste of a nomination when movies like The American, Never Let Me Go, Enter the Void, and Carlos go empty handed and an animated film is taking up two slots.