Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Loved it.  Funnier than The Hangover.  Darker.  More thoughtful.  More dangerous.  Todd Phillips is on a roll at the moment.  Can't wait to laugh repeatedly with this one.


Lon said...

I agree that it is darker, but I wouldn't go as far as saying funnier. It had its moments but I felt the film with all it's craziness jumped the shark at the border rescue and never quite recovered. There is absolutely no way RD's character would ever become friends or friendly with ZG by the end of the movie. He should have killed him to fit his character.

Actionman said...

For my personal taste, it was funnier. I had no probs with the ending...that thought never occured to me. I just love Downey's performance. And all of the set-pieces are perfectly executed. Especially like the bit with Juliette Lewis and her annoying kids.


dark comedy, not as rollicking as the hangover, but not meant to be, got to love Downey as well in this, and Zach is Zach!

Recovering Booth Rat said...

I liked The Hangover way more, but Due Date was still fun as hell. I agree with Lon, the better, more interesting ending would have been for Downey just to kill ZG. That would have been totally unexpected and more believable.

Still a good movie.

Actionman said...

Downey Jr realizes after Zack breaks him out of the mexican jail that he's really a good guy, no matter how idiotic he acts

i liked the hangover a lot, i just thought the comedy in due date was coming from an edgier, darker place

even though zach almost gets downey jr killed multiple times i think downey jr knows deep down that they guy is a harmless clown